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What Is Herbal Medicine? :

  • Herbs are classified as dietary supplements and are regulated by numerous U.S. government agencies including the FDA.
  • Herbs are natures version & alternative to synthetic medications. Approximately 40-60% of pharmaceutical drugs are synthesized from herbal plants.
  • Most herbs offer positive medicinal & therapeutic effects with minimal side effects.
  • Herbs have been clinically used and studied for thousands of years by humans of every culture for a wide variety of health conditions.
  • Currently, Germany and Asia are leading the field in medical and laboratory research on herbal medicine.
  • Herbs are one of the most important forms of treatments utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Herbs work best in multi-ingredient formulations because it reduces side effects (if any) and enhances/creates new medicinal and therapeutic effects that would normally not occur with a single herb ingredient.
  • Herbs are generally prescribed in accordance to the individuals body type, health history,and their specific health conditions.
  • We always address drug and herbal interactions prior to herbal and pharmaceutical medicine intake.
  • Herbs are prepared in many forms: powders, teas, pills, capsules, high potency solid and liquid extracts, or used in highly diluted forms called Homeopathic remedies.  
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