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 Medical Services:

Acupuncture and Herbal Consults:

  • We utilize traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques including Dr. Tan's method, ba gua, five element, and a Japanese style of acupuncture.
  • Fully stocked herbal pharmacy including over 600 Chinese-Western-Auyervedic herbs in loose bulk, extract powders, and patent herbal medicine.
  • These herbs can be administered to the patient through pill or capsule form, liquid teas, topical applications, and soaks.  

Japanese Connective Tissue Integration Techniques:

  • JCTI treatments focus on manipulation of soft tissues and acupressure points to correct abnormalities in the organs and connective tissues of the body to help maintain healthy structure of the body. This method is very effective in helping to alleviate head, neck, back, and hip pain or abnormalities.
  • This technique is administered with very light pressure directed towards the soft tissues of the body and acupressure points, have no side effects, and most of our patient's experience noticeable improvements. We generally combine JCTI with acupuncture for optimal results.
  • This system is derived from traditional Japanese medicine shiatsu methods and myofascial release.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Paraffin Compresses:

  • Very effective in helping to manage and alleviate most types of stubborn pain, arthritis, or injuries.
  • We are the only medical clinic in Idaho that offers these external herb application.

Eastern/Western Therapeutic Bodywork:

  • We integrate eastern/western body work techniques in with our acupuncture treatments, plus gua sha (spooning) and bau gua (fire cupping) therapy.

 Mind-Body Medicine:

  • Cranial sacral therapy
  • Jing Qi Shen (Jin Shin Jitsu)
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